Matriarch In This Life

I’ll Be The Matriarch In This Life – Chapter 45

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Matriarch In This Life – Welcome back to the life of a matriarch. If you’ve been following along, then you know that my journey has been one heck of a roller coaster ride. In chapter 45, I’m bringing all the drama and excitement that you’ve come to expect from my story! From family feuds to personal triumphs, this chapter is sure to leave you on the edge of your seat. So buckle up and get ready for another wild ride as I take on yet another challenge in my quest to become the ultimate matriarch!

I will never give up on my dreams

There’s a saying that goes, “Nurture your dreams, and they will come true.” And I believe it. Dreams are a manifestation of our deepest desires and aspirations. They’re the embodiment of what we hope to achieve in this life. So if you have dreams that you want to pursue, don’t give up on them. You can make them a reality if you set your mind to it.

I’ve always been a dreamer. As a child, I would spend hours daydreaming about the lives I wanted to lead. I was especially fascinated by the idea of being a matriarch. Women are typically seen as caregivers and nurturers, but I knew there was more to us than that. I wanted to be powerful and respected, like my role models – my mother and grandmother.

So when it came time for me to choose a career path, I decided to pursue law enforcement. It was an exciting choice at the time because it combined two of my favourite things – dreaming and working towards achieving something concrete. After two years of studying law enforcement online, I decided it was time to put those skills to use and apply them to become a police officer.

I was accepted into the police academy and started my training in September 2015. It has been a challenging but rewarding experience so far. The training has taught me how to be responsible for myself and others, how to handle difficult situations, and most importantly – how to use my judgment in a crisis.

I know my dreams will come true if I continue to nurture them and work hard towards achieving them. So I will never give up on my dreams. – Matriarch In This Life

Matriarch In This Life
Matriarch In This Life

Mama Bear is back

Mama Bear is back. After giving birth to her first cub in over one year, the bears in this family are finally happy and content.

The mother bear has fully recovered from her pregnancy and is now ready to take on the role of matriarch in this family. She is determined to teach her cubs everything she knows about survival, including how to forage for food and protect themselves from predators.

The mother bear’s strength and determination are admirable, but it will be up to her cubs to follow her lead and learn how to be strong and independent. They will need all of their courage and strength if they hope to survive in a world filled with dangers both natural and man-made. – Matriarch In This Life

I’m going to be a great mom

As a woman, there are expectations and pressures that come with the title of “parent.” From society to family, friends and even ourselves, mothers are often held to an incredibly high standard. This can be a great thing or a terrible thing, depending on how motherhood is viewed.

For some women, this pressure can be motivating and inspiring. It can create a desire to be the best mother possible. For others, it can be overwhelming and lead to feeling like they don’t have what it takes. There’s no wrong way to be a parent, but there’s definitely something special about being the matriarch in this life.

There are so many benefits to being a mom that goes beyond just raising children. Being a mom gives you access to knowledge and experience that you may never have had the chance to experience otherwise. It also allows you to bond with your children in an unrivalled way that cannot be found anywhere else in your life. Ultimately, being a mom is one of the most rewarding things that you could ever do for yourself and your family. – Matriarch In This Life

Putting my health first

It’s no secret that I’m a big advocate for health and wellness. In my previous posts, I shared why I think it’s so important to maintain good bodily health and what steps I take to make sure that happens. But here’s the thing: maintaining good health isn’t just a personal responsibility; it’s also a community responsibility. And as the matriarch of this family, it falls on me to be the one setting the example and living a healthy lifestyle.

To that end, I make sure to eat plenty of fruits and vegetables, avoid processed foods, drink plenty of water, get enough exercise, and supplement my diet with probiotics and omega-3 fatty acids. I also make an effort to stay stress-free by practising meditation and mindfulness every day.

None of these things is easy, but they are all worth it if they help me stay healthy physically and emotionally. And as long as I stick to my plan, I know that my children will be able to do the same regardless of their age or physical condition. – Matriarch In This Life

Friends and family come first

1. Friends and family come first.

I am so grateful for the amazing friends and family I have in my life. Whether we are talking about my sisters, brothers, parents, aunts, uncles or cousins, I feel incredibly lucky to have them all in my life. They have all been there for me through thick and thin – good times and bad. They know me better than anyone else and I rely on their support heavily when it comes to making decisions about my life. – Matriarch In This Life

2. Family is important no matter what size they are.

My family is no different than any other family out there they come in all shapes and sizes! Whether we are talking about large families or small families, I believe that family is incredibly important no matter what size they are. We can always count on each other to support us when we need it most no matter how far away we may be from one another! – Matriarch In This Life

Matriarch In This Life
Matriarch In This Life

Life is too short to be unhappy

In the past, I have always put a lot of importance on my relationships. I have been known to be very affectionate and caring towards those that I love. However, over time, I have realized that life is too short to be unhappy. I have come to understand that if I am disappointed in my relationships, then it will reflect negatively on me and my family.

I believe that if we are happy and content in our personal lives, it will eventually spill over into our professional lives as well. We will indeed be able to impact the world around us in a positive way. Therefore, if happiness is something that you are striving for, then make sure you focus on your relationships first. They are the foundation of your life and should be treated with the utmost respect. – Matriarch In This Life


So there it is. My conclusion of the novel, Ill Be The Matriarch In This Life- Chapter 45. I am sad to say that my journey comes to an end, but I am also excited about what the future will bring. Where will I go next? Who knows, but one thing is for sure- life never stops moving forward and that is something we can all learn from. – Matriarch In This Life